Cash Offer Real Estate in San Antonio

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to buy a home quickly, a cash offer with the Spencer Hasch Team might be the right choice for you. When you make a cash offer in the real estate market, you’ll be at a huge competitive advantage over other offers. We offer the following two options to help you make a competitive cash offer, which is three times more likely to be accepted.

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• Buy with cash: This option is appropriate for buyers who aren’t selling a home. By using our home finance partner as your lender, you’ll have the added benefit of a 0% net cost to buy your home. The 1.9% standard convenience fee will be credited back to your account at closing, and your rent is prorated by day.

• Buy before you sell: For San Antonio homeowners who also need to sell their existing homes, this option is the best choice. Your convenience fee is reduced to 1.4% when you use our home finance partner, and your rent is deferred until closing.

Benefits of a Cash Offer

• The real estate market in San Antonio can make buying a home with cash be quite stressful. Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you go with a cash offer:

• High likelihood of acceptance: By eliminating all of the uncertainty that comes with home sales, finance, and appraisals, your offer will be much more competitive to the seller. This ease is why many people opt to buy a home with cash in San Antonio.

• Avoid moving more than once: When you make a cash offer before you sell your current home, you’ll know exactly where you’ll be moving and you can avoid the uncertainty of which home you’ll be choosing.

The Simple Process to Make a Cash Offer

Approval: You’ll work with our financial partner to get approved for a specific amount so you’ll be ready to buy when the house you want comes on the market.
Make the offer: Our team will work with you to make the cash offer, which is three times more likely to be accepted than traditional financed offers.
Finalize purchase: After your cash offer is accepted, you’ll pay your earnest money deposit, schedule the home inspection, and sign the mortgage disclosure statements.
Closing: Once the title is ready, you’ll be able to close on your home and move in the next day. You’ll then rent from our partner until you buy the home back.
Sell your old home: If you need to sell your old home, our team will list it for top dollar. Most homeowners will receive a floor price guarantee from our partner, who will buy your home if it doesn’t sell within six months. This helps if you can’t buy before you sell in San Antonio.
Buy your new home: Finalize the mortgage by buying your new house back from our partner.